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E-mail has always been the best way to communicate with your clients or subscribers. Without a very efficient tool, you will never know how many people actually received your message, how many opened it and whether or not they are interested. In other words, you do not have a clear overview. Sending them news or critical information rapidly and in high percentage will increase your efficiency and lower the costs.

Create strategic campaigns using a dedicated platform

Only a strategic e-mail campaign can ensure e-mail delivery. The e-mail marketing platform is the best investment in a communication system because it combines flexibility with security. It is suitable for any type of message, from news to products or services presentations. Use a professional solution to send your e-mails to subscribers and receive specific reports regarding their interest in your content. The platform also comes with a built-in double opt-in system and maintenance and social media integration. The platform has been created as a complete tool for sending and controlling your e-mail campaigns, providing valuable information regarding your subscribers. It gives you the opportunity to see exactly what they respond to, so that it will be easier for you to create your future campaigns and target them properly.

The platform comes with instant reports regarding the total number of recipients, successfully/unsuccessfully sent e-mails, read e-mails (values in number and percentage), total number of bounced e-mails, opened e-mails, and total number of clicks.You can see a preview of the e-mail you are about to send to your customers or a preview of your campaign in the browser.
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