From Print to Digital

The easiest way to go from print to digital is by using the E-Maker. Turn any Word or PDFdocument into a secure digital product, which is impossible to duplicate, in only five minutes. The platform is very user friendly, allowing you to adjust your settings in no time. In order to check your inputs, you can easily navigate to previous screens and make the adjustments. In the end, the platform provides a summary of your actions, where you can also make the final settings, if necessary.

Make the transition from print to digital in only 5 minutes

Creating digital products comes with multiple advantages:
  • Piracy Protection – it can only be activated with a serial number provided by the publisher
  • Create one shot or subscription based products
  • Deliver more information by inserting links on different keywords
  • Choose the number of devices to be installed on
  • Set the product to function only with the CD/DVD inserted

You will also be given the possibility to personalize every product you create with the E-Maker using multiple options regarding the colors, header and footer sizes or by importing different icons. 
This type of product will bring you closer to your customers, especially since product activation is required after purchasing. This will help you identify your customers’ habits and obtain certain information regarding their location, behavior and needs. Thus, you will be able to create products tailored to their needs and expectations.
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