Online Community Platform

Focus on a Certain Field

Due to the concept of the platform, it can be managed very easily. All you have to do is set up the field and write content. From our experience, we can state that it is more appropriate to focus on a single field than on several at the same time. This will help you understand exactly what your users are searching for and what their expectations are, especially when you want to send them a newsletter or place advertisements on your website.

Build a community of professionals interested in a certain field

Create an online community focused on a certain field or topic. You will give users the opportunity to discuss, ask questions and receive answers to their specific problems from experts or other users. In time, your trageted community will grow, and so will the number of visitors and the traffic to your site.

Your visitors will create an account and become part of the community. When users will choose to follow a certain section, they have the ability to manage notifications regarding the updates. They can also follow an expert and receive notifications via email.

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